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More Cabins, Events for 2022 and Books Books Books.

As 2021 comes to an end The MareGold Centre wishes everyone a peaceful New Year and happiness in 2022. 2021 was a productive year as we now have 4 cabins and the bathhouse open and 4 more cabins for spring 2022. With the use of local lumber and "reclaimed" material we have cushioned ourselves from the massive price increases due to COVID-19.

As we do all the work ourselves the process is slow but rewarding. It is amazing that at spot that was a few dead trees now there stands a cabin where one can feel peace and stay sheltered. Memories will be made and before long the Cabins will have their own energy in the walls.

Events and workshops.

For 2022 we plan a full schedule of workshops and retreats. These could include; how to build a sauna, furniture making, a mushroom workshop, mindfulness, herbal retreat , concerts and much more. If you have ideas for retreats we are always open to suggestions. In addition the MareGold Centre is available for groups wanting to have their own retreats , workshops etc.

The MareGold Bookstore

The MareGold Bookstore is taking off and it is such a rewarding experience to connect with people over the diverse subjects that we carry. Mushroom, foraging, herbal and vegan books have been especially popular this year as well my favorite; quirky atlases. Over the winter we will be adding many new titles and preparing for books that match our 2022 retreats and workshops.

Finally, the twins, Venezia and Nikolai are becoming an integral part of the retreat centre. The love to show off the cabins and help customers check in. They test out all the cabins to make sure everything is right. Soon they will be building their own.

MareGold Centre is open to comments, suggestions and volunteers. contact us and share your ideas.



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