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MareGold General Store

In about six weeks the Annapolis Farmers and Traders market will start and MareGold will be part of it. This year we are excited to introduce many items that will eventually be part of MareGold Retreat Centre. Herbal teas and creams, cookies, oils and herbal candies will all be on offer overseen by MareGold Health's experienced Medical Herbalist. These items are not just herbs that are good for you they are healing and medicinal. If you want to go further you can always book an consultation with the Medical Herbalist and she will prescribe a healing tincture mix for you. Of special interest this year are the hand crafted items from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine. We have goat down shawls, Kosynka shawls, beaded jewelry and the very special Lizhnyk blankets. These blankets are warm, beautiful and have healing properties. They are 100% wool and handcrafted in the same traditional way for generations. For more photos check out MareGold General Store Look at

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