by Mimi Kuo-Deemer

June 23, 2020 paperback 225 pages


''Exquisite... for anyone interested in building a sustainable life that is imbued with vibrant healthy, mental and emotional clarity, and the most basic human need of all: happiness''- Donna Farhi, author of yoga Mind, Body, Spirit

''A treasure chest for the heart and mind, a potent tonic for body and breath, and a vibrant life essence for the spirit''- Simon Low, Principal of the Yoga Academy

''A beautiful and timely gift''- Sifu Matthew Cohen, Sacred Energy Arts Founder

''Profound and powerful''- Noman Blair, author of brightening Our Inner Skies

For centuries, Chinese sages, rulers and spiritual seekers have embraced a simple yet powerful principle to enable them to live in harmony with the Source of nature and all life; the art of ''self-cultivation'' or, xiu yang. Xiu yang works with the idea that we can steadily nurture our capacity to being fully human and fully awake. Like a field that is patiently cultivated to optimally grow the nourishing and healthy crops, we can undertake practices aimed at smoothing out the roughness and irregularities in our bodies, minds and spirits in order to produce a deep, lasting spiritual happiness.

Xiu yang promotes the idea that inner balance leads to outer radiance: in order to be in harmony with the world, we must first be in harmony with ourselves. By tending to the field of our own bodies, hearts, minds and relationships, we can start making positive changes within our lives and in the lives of others.

In this nurturing lifestyle guide, Mimi Kuo-Deemer champions the contemporary value of adopting this ancient approach. Through a combination of practices from meditation and mindfulness to yoga and qigong,Xiu Yang offers a fresh approach to finding balance and bringing peace into your life, home and community.

Part I: The Art of Xiu Yang
Part II: Xiu Yang for a Healthy and Harmonious Body
Part III: Xiu Yang for a Balanced Mental and Emotional Life
Part IV: Xiu Yang for a Happier Place in the World



Mimi Kuo-Deemer is dedicated to living, sharing and evolving the art of self-cultivation through yoga, qigong and mindfulness meditation. She champions the balance of playfulness and precision as the best way forward in life, and never underestimates how sitting, breathing and conscious movement can provide the clearest and most compassionate perspective on the messy, complex and often unpredictable job of being human. She is a teacher of both students and of other teachers having practiced and taught meditation and the movement arts for over 20 years in China, the UK, Europe and the United States. In 1994, she graduated from Stanford University and in 2016, she received an MA with distinction from SOAS in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, she lived in China for over 14 years where she worked as a photojournalist as well as acted as co-founder and co-director of Yoga Yard, Beijing's first and leading yoga studio. Mimi now lives in the UK, where she offers classes online at Movement for Modern Life and teaches classes and trainings at triyoga, London's pre-eminent centre for health and wellbeing.


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