Imagine a thriving garden in your backyard, bursting with vibrantly colored blooms and lush green leaves, shaded by tall trees. Now imagine the same garden, alive with buzzing and flapping and chirping and croaking. Imagine the ecological impact of encouraging natural pollinators. Imagine the excitement of watching your garden become a hub of activity and learning about all of its different visitors. For those who relish observing nature in action, planning a garden to attract certain types of wildlife can bring daily enjoyment right into the backyard.

Inside Wildlife in Your Garden:

How to deal with and even appreciate the insects in your garden
Reptile and amphibian backyard visitors and how they can contribute to a healthy ecosystem
“Birdscaping”—planning and planting with birds in mind
A special section on hummingbirds that includes an illustrated guide to twelve common types
Using binoculars and field guides to identify birds by sight and by calls
Different types of pollination and the plants and food crops that depend on it
Butterfly metamorphosis and gardening for the different life stages
How bats and moths take over pollination duties at night
Learning to coexist with four-legged furry friends who like to dig and forage
Natural ways to protect your garden from pests and discourage harmful wildlife

Wildlife in your Garden

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