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Wild Places (Volume 6) 

Hardcover – May 3 2022

by Sarah Baxter 


Get back to nature and explore sites unspoilt by humankind with the latest addition to the Inspired Traveller’s Guide series.

We humans don't just love wild places. We need them; we need their scale, their breath, their drama and enigma. Wild places can be a balm and a solace; an escape or a returning; a best friend; an inner cleanse. And they can remind us of our unimportance in the world.

Travel writer Sarah Baxter presents 25 untameable natural wonders that reveal the curious story of our wild planet and why we need to protect it.

Despite all the advances of human civilisation, we’ve yet to come up with anything to rival the majesty of Lapland's snow-capped mountain summits, the haunting song of humpback whales in a Namibian paradise or the epic sculptural forms of Utah's vast Canyonlands.

Escape to each of these unforgettable sites and more with Wild Places, an insightful and stunningly illustrated guide to all Mother Nature has to offer.

Discover spectacular and little-known gems with visits to...

  • Great Dismal Swamp, USA
  • Canyonlands, USA
  • Great Bear Rainforest, Canada
  • Cenotes, Mexico
  • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Kaieteur Falls, Guyana
  • South Georgia, Atlantic Ocean
  • Ennerdale, England
  • Strumble Head, Wales
  • St Kilda, Scotland
  • Camargue, France
  • Sápmi, Lapland, Sweden
  • Green Belt, Germany
  • Wadden Sea, Netherlands
  • Stromboli, Italy
  • Las Medulas, Spain
  • Coa Valley, Portugal
  • Skeleton Coast, Namibia
  • Erg Chigaga, Morocco
  • Kinabatangan, Malaysia
  • Mount Siguniang, China
  • Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan
  • Wilpena Pound, Australia
  • Wahipounamu, New Zealand

This is the perfect title for anyone who is fascinated by the marvels of the natural world.

For more wanderlust-filled adventures, discover and collect the complete Inspired Traveller's Guide series: Artistic Places, Spiritual Places, Literary Places, Hidden Places and Mystical Places.

Wild Places (Volume 6)

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