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Whatever the Weather: Learn about Sun, Wind and Rain 

Hardcover – Picture Book, Nov. 16 2021

by Steve Parker


Grown-ups are always talking about the weather― this book helps children understand the weather and why it changes from time to time. How is fog formed? What causes a rainbow? Why do thunder and lightning always come as a pair? Curious children can often ask questions that might even be difficult for adults to answer, but Whatever the Weather knows the facts. Bursting with colorful illustrations, examples, and anecdotes, this book explains complex processes in a snackable way. Following two friendly characters and their little dog from page to page, young readers can learn about how temperature forecasting works, how some animals have an innate ability to predict the weather and the effects of global warming. Come rain or shine, Whatever the Weather sees past the seasons and explains the world of weather in all its wonder.

Whatever the Weather: Learn about Sun, Wind and Rain

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