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Victorian Stained Glass 

Paperback – May 17 2022

by Trevor Yorke 


A beautifully illustrated guide to the world of Victorian stained glass and its manufacturers and designers.

The glorious architecture of Victorian Britain gained much of its luster from the colorful stained glass which embellished the windows of cathedrals, churches and country houses. Inspired by the designs of medieval artisans, leading designers such as A.W.N. Pugin and William Morris used innovative techniques to produce colored and painted glass that complemented the architectural opulence of the Gothic Revival. These decorative artworks record contemporary beliefs and morals, indicative of the mind set of those who commissioned and executed them. Such was the impact of these new stained-glass patterns that companies mass produced cheaper imitations which were fitted in the doors and windows of offices, public buildings and thousands of middle-class terraced homes.

This beautiful book introduces the reader to many wonderful examples of Victorian stained glass and where it can be found. It outlines the development of the craft, the leading designers and manufacturers, how the windows were made and the details which can help identify the date and style of a piece.

Victorian Stained Glass

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