The Prepper's Ultimate Food-Storage Guide

Your Complete Resource to Create a Long-Term, Lifesaving Supply of Nutritious, Shelf-Stable Meals, Snacks, and More 

By Tess Pennington, Julie Languille, Daisy Luther and Shelle Wells


Be prepared for any disaster with this comprehensive food-storage bible, packed with advice from the top experts in canning, dehydrating, stockpile maintenance, and shelf-stable cooking.

Recent history has shown just how important it is to create and maintain a food storage solution in the event of a pandemic, natural disaster, grid-down situation, or whatever causes SHTF. Now this 4-in-1 book collection offers your one-stop-food-shop for everything you need to know, including:

- An affordable, step-by-step guide for stockpiling 
- Complete instructions on how to can and dehydrate -almost anything
- How to make your stockpile last longer
- Food safety guidelines and considerations
- The best equipment and modifications for grid-down living
- Hundreds of creative recipes for well-rounded, delicious meals

The Prepper’s Ultimate Food-Storage Guide is the self-reliant solution to a life-saving food supply that will keep you and your family healthy for a lifetime.


The Prepper's Ultimate Food-Storage Guide Your Complete Resource

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