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The One & Done Cookbook: 87+ plant-based dinners for easy weeknight cooking 

Paperback – Oct. 21 2022

by Betsy Freeman 


87+ plant-based dinner ideas for easy weeknight cooking. This is a cookbook for people who appreciate healthy and delicious food, and want to keep it simple.

This one-of-a-kind cookbook was dreamed up by Betsy Freeman who noticed how few of her friends like to cook. A passionate home chef who cooks to relax, she started asking why. Most told her they just don’t have the time.

Betsy, who works full time herself, decided to put together a cookbook dedicated to making cooking easier; in short, recipes and tips from one busy home cook to another.

Her collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes are low-fuss, low-mess, and high in protein. She lists substitutions for harder-to-find ingredients so it’s easier to make do with what you have, and suggests ways to minimize food waste. She also shares tips on how to freestyle-cook, and assemble meals without using a recipe at all.

To inspire home cooking, Betsy illustrates her book with colorful drawings that offer guidance and highlight what’s special about a recipe.

The One & Done Cookbook includes:

    • 48 one-pot vegetarian and vegan dinner recipes
    • 13 basic recipes that can be served three different ways (as pastas, soups, grain bowls, stews, and more)
    • 11 versatile sauces
    •  6 great salad dressings
    • 15 time-saving cooking hacks

    Betsy shares her prepping and cooking tips in a voice that is wry, understanding, and smart. With this book, she gets a chance to demonstrate that cooking is as relatable as she is.

    The One & Done Cookbook: 87+ plant-based dinners for easy weeknight cooking

    SKU: 9781734901160CGP

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