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The Magic Teaspoon: Transform Your Meals with the Power of Healing Herbs and Spices 

Paperback –  2006

by Victoria Zak  


Behind the walls of a hidden monastery garden, a master herbalist teaches the secrets of healing to his apprentice. Half a world away, a tribal shaman gathers medicinal roots along the Amazon. In the hills of Tibet, a Buddhist monk brews a pot of green tea for an ailing brother. And, at home in a coastal Mediterranean cottage, a young mother keeps her child’s fever at bay with a simple spoonful of thyme.

For centuries, people across continents and cultures have experimented with the restoring properties of “nature’s bouquet.” And you, too, can enhance the flavor and vitality of your everyday meals with the health benefits found in such herbs as thyme, basil, parsley, cinnamon, dill, and many others. As a source of vitamins and antioxidants, herbs are natural energy boosters and disease fighters—and you can add them to your menu with the easy-to-prepare recipes found in this book. From amazing appetizers and super salads to extraordinary entrées and dynamic desserts, The Magic Teaspoon offers it all—with just the flick of a teaspoon:


  • More than 100 recipes for health-boosting meals and snacks—listing the healing virtues each herb brings to your table
  • “The All Naturals” herb chart revealing the best herbs to choose for specific health issues
  • Vegetable profiles—from artichokes to zucchini
  • How to make processed foods healthier
  • The Sugar Lover’s Survival Guide
  • How to make potent herbal purées for instant energizers
  • The 25 top teas for healing
  • The health properties found in honey, vinegar, and olive oil
  • And much more

The Magic Teaspoon: Transform Your Meals with the Power of Healing Herbs

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