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The Joy of Weeds: A Celebration of Wild Plants 

Hardcover – March 29 2022

by Paul Farrell 


A colorfully illustrated field guide to weeds around the world, and why we should love rather than loathe them

One person’s weed is another’s wild beauty. The intolerance of weeds is a mark of how we have turned our backs on nature and urbanized our land and lives. In this enlightening survey, illustrator Paul Farrell reveals the true wonder of weeds and explains the benefits of rewilding ourselves a little.
Paul’s brilliant modernist illustration style shows us dandelions, thistles, and feverfew in a whole new light. Each of the 50 weeds featured is accompanied by a quirky history and a summary of its uses in medicine, cooking, arts, and even industry, alongside occasional gardening tips. Foraging and growing your own food is becoming increasingly popular and this guide helps us to make the most of the plants that grow without any help at all.

The Joy of Weeds: A Celebration of Wild Plants

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