With more than 75 recipes, from dark crisp rye breads and ricotta breadsticks to effortless multigrain sourdough, The Handmade Loaf guides you through the stress-free techniques you need to make and bake great breads at home. Made and photographed in kitchens and bakeries across Europe, from Russia to the Scottish Highlands, Dan Lepard's ground-breaking methods show you how to get the most flavor and the best texture from sourdough and simple yeast breads with minimal kneading and gentle handling of the dough. Let this classic cookbook guide you to making superb bread at home.


This book, which includes recipes, personal stories and “living” images from the baking process, pays homage to all kind of European bread and gives plenty of recipes from all over Europe, all in simple language and very easy to understand instructions.

The author followed ancient practices for baking bread and adapted them to our current days. He makes very good combinations of ingredients such as fruits, nuts, olives, raisins and more in the bread so if you like these types of bread that’s definitely a bonus.

Most of the recipes are for sourdough bread.
His explanation of how to build a sourdough starter is simply eye-opening as well as many of the baking techniques he reveals in the book. In this context, one must mention the explanation of the bread kneading that encourages the baker to switch from relying on a mixer to kneading by hand.

I have to say It is very fun to hear how Lepard learned the different techniques or recipes over the years, where and from whom, it certainly adds enjoyment and personal touch to the book.
My only reservation: I’m not sure this is the book is for the beginner home beaker. You will be better off with knowing a few of the basics first.

The Handmade Loaf : The book that started a baking revolution

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