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The Friendship Surprise 

Hardcover – Picture Book, April 8 2022

by Giorgio Volpe


It is spring and Little Red fox is excited to be reunited with his best friend, Hazel, a dormouse who will shortly wake from a long sleep. But over the winter, the fox has made another friend, Brock the badger. Little Red decides revealing the new friendship is not the surprise Hazel will want to wake to, so he delays bringing it up as they resume their games. Bu the fox needs to find a way to introduce the friends while maintaining the special friendship with Hazel he holds so dear. Eventually the dilemma is resolved, but not without a surprise or two along the way. This book continues the friendship story told in the companion title Before We Sleep, also by Volpe and Proietti, although it may be read and appreciated completely on its own. 

The Friendship Surprise

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