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The definitive manual of basic skills and country wisdom for living off the land, being prepared, and doing it yourself—whether it’s a farm or homestead, suburb, or city.

From homesteaders to urban farmers, and everyone in between, there is a desire for a simpler way of life—a healthier, greener, more self-sustaining, and holistic approach to modern life.

With its origins in the back-to-the-land movement of the late 1960s, Carla Emery’s landmark book has grown into a comprehensive guide to living a sustainable lifestyle, while lowering your carbon footprint in the process. Find inspiration and know-how to live independently in this comprehensive guide, including how to:

* Can, dry and preserve food
* Plan your garden
* Grow your own food
* Forage for wild food * Make your own natural skincare products
* Spin wool into yarn
* Mill your own flour
* Bake bread
* Cook on a wood stove
* Learn beekeeping
* Raise chickens, goats, and pigs
* Create natural skincare products
* Make organic bug spray
* Treat your family with homemade remedies
* Make fruit leather
* Make 20-minute chees
* Tap a maple tree

And more!

Basic, thorough, and reliable, this book deserves a place in urban and rural homes alike.

This 50th anniversary edition includes updated resources. 

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 50th Anniversary Edition

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