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The Book of Killer Plants: A Field Guide to Nature's Deadliest Creations 

Paperback – Sept. 20 2022

by Dr. Kit Carlson 


A beautifully illustrated field guide to the 60 deadliest plants on Earth.

This intriguing guide puts a spotlight on Mother Nature’s most lethal plants, from those that can harm wild animals to the ones that can kill even humans. Some of these plants may be lurking in your own backyard. This illustrated compendium features full profiles of each plant, including interesting facts, important identifying characteristics, toxicity level, physiology, the biochemistry of toxins, how to spot each plant, and more. This is a beautiful but practical guide for botanists, foragers, gardeners, survivalists, and nature lovers alike. With this guide, you can learn what to avoid and what to do if you come into contact with these dangerous plants. With this field guide, you will:

- Learn the natural history of each plant.
- View humanity’s fascinating relationship with these plants over the centuries—from medicinal purposes and cosmetics to rituals and murder. 
- Discover the fatal effects and how these plants target the body, from organ failure and seizures to skin rashes and nausea. 
- Understand poisonous plants’ evolution, and how they developed toxicity to deter herbivores and other predators.

Explore these stunning but deadly works of nature that can poison, maim, and intoxicate. From nightshade and hemlock to monkshood, oleander, and castor bean, this is your fascinating guide to 60 of the world’s most life-threatening plants.

The Book of Killer Plants: A Field Guide to Nature's Deadliest Creations

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