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The Ayurvedic Cookbook: Get Fit in Just Two Weeks

 Hardcover – May 31 2020

by Gita Ramesh 


Good food brings harmony to ones' body, mind and soul. Keeping this in mind, the recipes in The Ayurvedic Cookbook are tailor-made to suit different body types. They are pure vegetarian, nutritious recipes with therapeutic values. If cooked with love and attention, the recipes can be wholesome, tasty and hearty. The book offers recipes that are simple, fresh, organic and easily digestible. These recipes are effective in keeping the body healthy and disease free. For the first time, the secret weight management/loss recipes of Kairali - the Ayurvedic Healing Village - are revealed. To make the herbal diet easy-to-understand and follow, a two-week chart is provided as ready reckoner. If followed correctly, you can get healthy and fit in just two weeks! The informative section on nutritional and medicinal values of fruits and vegetables and spices makes this a comprehensive introduction to eating the Ayurvedic way. The Ayurvedic Cookbook is a must buy for anyone who wants to live healthy and eat healthy.

The Ayurvedic Cookbook: Get Fit in Just Two Weeks

SKU: 9788194206842ACC

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