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The Artful Pie Project: A Sweet and Savoury Book of Recipes 

Hardcover – Aug. 24 2022

by Denise Marchessault 


Pie champion Denise Marchessault teams up with artist and photographer Deb Garlick for a visually stunning cookbook celebrating sweet and savoury pies. With whimsical illustrations and practical how-to images, The Artful Pie Project unlocks the secrets to a great pie.

(Pssst…it's all in the pastry!) Featuring over 50 recipes covering the pie spectrum from galettes, to pastry dumplings and slab crumbles - plus French Canadian classics such as Tourtiï're and Tart au Sucre. Beyond pie, there are plenty of tips for dodging pie fails and creative ideas for using precious scraps of leftover dough. And because pies love company, there's a selection of accompaniments to partner with your favourite recipes. With mouth-watering photos and playful illustrations, The Artful Pie Project is sure to charm, and disarm, even the most apprehensive baker.

The Artful Pie Project: A Sweet and Savoury Book of Recipes

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