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The Angry Monk and the Fly: A Tale of Mindfulness for Children 

Hardcover – Oct. 11 2022

by Schneider 


This accessible picture book teaches the value of mindfulness.

Even monks get angry sometimes. That's when it's time to pause and reflect.

The monk is almost never angry. But when a pesky fly comes buzzing happily by, zipping around his head, landing on his nose day after day, the monk becomes very angry indeed. This makes him confused and sad. Until one day, the monk stops to look at this irritating fly more closely. That is when he sees something truly wonderful!

The Angry Monk and the Fly teaches children to pause and reflect about people and things that annoy us or make us angry--which is surely a lesson we can all benefit from! Children (and adults) will enjoy this brightly illustrated book, and will be left feeling calm and more ready to accept everyday trials. At the end of the book, various animals share simple instructions on how to mediate and breathe.

The Angry Monk and the Fly: A Tale of Mindfulness for Children

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