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Hardcover – Sept. 13 2016

by Alexis Turner 


An unsurpassed survey of the world’s finest examples of this popular art form—in situ from the greatest private and public collections to the beautifully assembled rooms of contemporary artists, stylists, and cutting-edge interior designers. Taxidermy is everywhere these days, from hip restaurants to posh clothing stores, and practically every luxury brand can be seen offering its wares on the backs of preserved, stuffed animals or incorporating them in their interiors. This is the first volume to consider taxidermy as an art form, and it balances showcasing classic work (such as pieces by Walter Potter) alongside innovative and modern contemporary pieces by various practitioners, from traditional taxidermists to interior designers, fashionistas, stylists, and fine artists. Collected here in one volume are the greatest examples of taxidermy, freshly photographed in situ, from contemporary apartments and rarely seen private interiors to luxury fashion shoots, hipster lounges and restaurants, and museums and galleries. A who’s who of contemporary artists’ work is also featured, including Daniel Firman, Kate MccGuire, Cai Guo-Qiang, Charles Avery, Adel Abdessemed, Alex Randall, Charlotte Cory, Claire Morgan, Neil Harmon, Polly Morgan, Tessa Farmer, Iris Schieferstein, Thomas Grunfeld, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and Wim Delvoye—artists creating inventive interpretations of the genre, reaching new audiences and bringing taxidermy further into the mainstream. This intriguing and engaging volume offers inspiration to anyone seeking to incorporate taxidermy into any type of setting, historical or modern, commercial or residential.


SKU: 9780789327635PRH

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