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Superior: Under The Shadow of the Gods (DVD)


Gloriously visual and absorbing. It sets out to show that the history of Lake Superior is filled with drama and there's plenty of spectacle here. Superior is a superior film.


-John Doyle, The Globe and Mail


Superior: Under The shadow of the Gods - DVD



Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren

72 min Video on DVD


The 72-minute video takes you to places on this magnificent lake you might otherwise never see. Superior's past and present come alive through remarkable 16mm and aerial photography, archival footage and photographs. The film is about the human experience on Lake Superior. It is about the ancient gods who still haunt these water and rocky headland. And it is a celebration of the mythic giant.


A startlingly dramatic documentary about the lost communities of Lake Superior. The photography is so gorgeous it will keep you watching, but the surprise is the story holds up right to the end...brilliant cinematography...imaginative direction.


--Jim Bawden, The Toronto Star

Superior: Under The Shadow of the Gods - (DVD)


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