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RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond


By KATE BRADBURY - hardcover



The best way to attract wildlife to your garden is to build a pond. Discover how to do it, and then watch the wildlife come, month by month.

Whether you want to do something for the environment, build a pond as a family project, or attract local biodiversity to your garden, a wildlife pond is a perfect addition to your gardening efforts.

Inside the pages of this book about creating a wildlife pond you will find: 

   • Photographic step-by-step guide on creating and maintaining a variety of pond types, including natural-style ponds, container ponds, and more traditional, formal-style ponds that still attract wildlife
   • Evocative, in-depth chapters that tell the story of your pond through the year: what you can expect to see happen, the creatures that will visit and live in and around the pond, and tips on what to look out for and how to keep it in good condition
   • An eye-catching mixture of photography and illustration, similar to the style used in DK’s How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Your very own backyard oasis 

Create a natural sanctuary right where you are! This book shows you how to create a backyard pond in your garden and how to attract and support local species. RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond provides easy-to-follow steps on how to dig your own pond, line it, advice on which aquatic plants to plant, and how to make sure local wildlife can enter and exit the pond safely.  

This book will also give you advice on how to take care of your pond so that you’re able to enjoy the local animals, insects, and birds for years to come. You can expect to see blackbirds bathing in your pond, hedgehogs using it as a water source, and bats flying over at night to catch insects. This wonderful book is filled with photographs and illustrations that will make creating your own pond easy and fulfilling!




RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond PLAN, DIG, AND ENJOY A NATURAL POND

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