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Pure & Healthy: Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cuisine 

Hardcover – May 30 2020

by Vidhu Mittal , Nutritionist - Radhika Karle 


 Pure & Healthy is a unique cookbook full of healthy and nutritious Indian cuisine recipes• Includes practical weekly menu ideas for those with diabetes, gluten allergies and thyroid issues
Pure & Healthy is a unique book, packed with tasty vegetarian recipes suitable for everyone, including practical weekly menu suggestions for those with medical conditions such as diabetes, gluten allergies, and thyroid issues as well as how food groups and servings can be determined and distributed. With its blend of traditional dishes and innovative renditions, it elevates healthy food into refined cuisine.

The focus is on using wholesome and fresh ingredients to make dishes like Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Pancake), Papita-Nariyal Sherbet (Papaya-Coco Shake), and Bharwa Parwal (Stuffed Pointed Gourd). The recipes have been created in collaboration with well-known nutritionist Radhika Karle to ensure that nutritional values are balanced and appropriate.

This book retains all features of bestselling author Vidhu Mittal's previous works - simple recipes, step-by-step photographs, and special tips.

Pure & Healthy: Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

SKU: 9788194206811ACC