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by Josie Curran

July 21, 2020, 320 pages Paperback



Organised Fun is a big, fizzing sherbert bomb of games invented and perfected by generations of friends and families.

The suggestion of playing a game will divide any room in two quicker than the Marmite debate. There are those who leap gleefully from their seats with suggestions and pointy elbows, and others who hide behind cushions quaking at the potential humiliation. When it comes to games, Josie Curran probably falls into the 'pointy elbow' category...

Organised Fun is a big, beautifully illustrated reminder of a time before television when we made our own entertainment. Old favourites are here – from Blind Man’s Buff to Sardines, Consequences and Splat the Rat – as well as ideas for new fun things to do that won’t cost a penny, from Human Crufts to Ellie’s Brilliant Hat Game and Frolf – golf played with frisbees…

Whether on a long car journey, at a party or stuck indoors on a rainy day, a copy of Organised Fun will give you all the inspiration and information you need to ensure that the days of ‘how does that game go again?’ are a thing of the past.


Children are guaranteed to enjoy themselves while discovering that you don't have to log in to let your hair down

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Organized Fun

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