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nstant Paper Airplanes Kit

12 Pop-out Airplanes You Tape Together and Fly in Minutes! [12 precut pop-out airplanes; slingshot launcher, tape & full-color book]

Andrew Dewar


Prepare for takeoff!

With this new collection of high-performance paper airplane models from master designer Andrew Dewar, paper planes are easier to make and fly than ever before.

Everything prospective aviators need is included in this paper airplane kit:
- 12 pop-out paper planes
- A full-color instruction book
- Super-charged slingshot launcher
The instruction book provides tips on tuning the aerodynamics of each model for even better performance. Plus, these planes can be assembled in under a minute, no glue or scissors required-instant gratification for airplane buffs of every age!

These are just a few of the amazing aircraft you can build:
-  The Tritium-a Battlestar Galactica -inspired space plane whose launch velocity is matched by its speed of assembly!
-  The Flying Squid, which resembles its tentacled namesake-and doesn't even look like it can fly, although it truly soars!
-  The Invisible X-whose sleek profile looks like a cross between the B-2 stealth bomber and the F-22 Raptor fighter.
-  And many more!
Use the paper airplane launcher to send your creations above the treetops, and watch with your friends as they glide gracefully back down to earth. A truly incredible sight to behold!

nstant Paper Airplanes Kit 12 Pop-out Airplanes You Tape Together and Fly

SKU: 9780804851077RAIN

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