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Miniature Railways 

Paperback – June 15 2021

by David Henshaw 

A history and guide to the miniature railways of Britain, from 5-inch to 15-inch gauges.

There are more than 400 miniature railways in Britain. Some are hidden away and privately owned, others are attractions in parks, and some – such as the Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch – are commercial enterprises in their own right. But what exactly is a miniature railway, and what is the history of this eccentric British phenomenon? Their most definitive characteristic is that they can carry passengers, whether straddling the rolling stock or sitting in enclosed carriages, but there are other features. David Henshaw explains the kinds of locomotives employed – steam, battery, and even pedal-powered ­– and the many gauges used, from 5 inches up to 15 inches. Informative text and exhilarating color images, plus a list of the best railways to visit, make this a must-have introduction to these beautiful and exciting railways.


Miniature Railways

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