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Making Pots: A Complete Guide to Wheel-Thrown Ceramics 

Hardcover – July 13 2021

by Stefan Andersson

A practical guide to mastering the art of pot-making from a leading potter

This illustrated handbook guides both beginners and more experienced potters through the fascinating process of one of the oldest crafts known to man. Taking a look at the rich history of pot-making along the way, the book serves as a step-by-step guide to the basic techniques of the craft, offering a wealth of tips on glazing and firing, as well as useful tricks to avoid common mistakes. There is advice on preparing clay and drying, and some handy tips on the daunting task of making a kiln and setting up a workshop. From dealing with a pocket of air in the clay to having the pot fall apart during slipware decoration, each section offers solutions to common problems faced by potters of all levels. Accompanied by detailed photographs and diagrams, this is the perfect gift for the budding ceramicist.


Making Pots: A Complete Guide to Wheel-Thrown Ceramics

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