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Magical Trees: A Guidebook for Finding the Magic in Everyday Trees using Crystals, Spells, Essential Oils and Rituals 

Paperback – Feb. 15 2022

by Kac Young PhD ND DCH RScM 


A tree is much more than just a pretty face gracing the landscape. It has depth, character, power, gifts, resources, and magic. Trees have been on this earth long before humans and possess ancient wisdom and secrets to share with us. Magical Trees entertainingly presents the history, traditions, origins of worship, symbolism, medicinal uses, conservation, and unlocks the mysterious magic contained in fifty different trees. It is an enthralling resource book for anyone who wants to live a green, conscious, natural, and healthy life. Whether you live in the country or the city, you can benefit from the information and the eye-opening facts in this tome. Magical trees are all around us.

Magical Trees is full of surprises, delightful information, astonishing history, practical advice, and even an abundance of recipes you can craft in your own kitchen.

Your life will change for the better when you read Magical Trees and begin to incorporate not only the physical gifts of trees, but their spiritual meaning and magical abilities. Trees can help humans heal, they are bringers of solace, providers of comfort, and encouragers of creativity, productivity, long life, and success. They are excellent sources of magic. Using a tree as a metaphor we learn to pattern our lives after them; we learn to be deeply rooted in the earth, healthy and vibrant in the middle and like treetops reaching far up into the sky, be elevated in our thoughts and actions.

Magical Trees: A Guidebook for Finding the Magic in Everyday Trees using Crystal

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