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Lost Skills and Crafts Handbook 

Hardcover – Oct. 5 2021

by Alan Titchmarsh 


In this inspirational and practical guide to country life, passionate and hugely knowledgeable countryman Alan Titchmarsh explores the heritage of rural Britain, its landscapes and wildlife, its traditions, customs and crafts.
The Lost Skills and Crafts Handbook will help you rediscover your love of the countryside, including:

- a checklist of British butterflies and where to find them
- how to keep chickens, ducks, goats and sheep
- how to make soap, candles and your own herbal remedies
- how to track animals and forage for food
- essential knot tying
- how to build a campfire without matches
- how to create a kitchen garden
- the origins of country superstitions

And much more. With beautiful line art illustrations throughout, this compendium of the British countryside and its delights will be an essential read for any nature lover in your life.

Lost Skills and Crafts Handbook

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