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Little Bear's Treasures 

Hardcover – Picture Book, May 29 2020

by Stella Dreis 


A Bank Street College Best Children's Book

A book to inspire children to look for treasures in the great outdoors, where everyday objects take on new, magical meanings with a little imagination.

"Alive with modest wonder-a treasure."
-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Little Bear is a treasure finder. And he finds the most wonderful things: a shiny button, a tickly feather, a cozy hiding place, a tree to scratch, and even a shy, soft piece of lint. The other animals, however, don't understand Little Bear's treasures. "Just junk," they say. Except for one When Little Bear meets Little Bird, it's the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Together, Little Bear just might discover his best treasure yet.

Poetic, affectionate, funny, and captivatingly illustrated, this gorgeous picture book is a treasure itself.

Little Bear's Treasures

SKU: 9781771646536GREY

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