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Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers 

Hardcover – Aug. 1 2021

by Ed Ikin 


A verdantly illustrated gift book for wildflower lovers.
This lush pocketbook from Kew celebrates nature’s uncultivated bounty, spotlighting familiar and beloved plants from our meadows, prairies, hedgerows, and woodlands—with even a few from urban settings. Forty paintings of these free-roving gems are gorgeously reproduced from Kew’s Library, Art and Archives, one of the most extensive botanical libraries in the world, illustrating wildflowers’ delightful variety as well as the diversity of Kew’s collection. An introductory chapter by wildflower expert Ed Ikin provides a useful overview, with detailed captions accompanying each painting, making this gift book a perfect keepsake for any wildflower fanatic.

Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers

SKU: 9781842467350UCP

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