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I Hear You, Forest 

Hardcover – Picture Book, Sept. 6 2021

by Kallie George 


This playful yet calming book about wonderful forest sounds is the perfect gift for introducing kids to loving-and respecting-the natural world around them.

The forest has lots to say if you listen.

When a child steps into the forest, her ears are open and her heart is too. She listens carefully and hears marvelous things. She hears the rustling of leaves sharing their secrets. She hears a beetle balancing on a branch. And the more she listens, the more she learns.

I Hear You, Forest is an excellent resource for outdoor education, classroom learning and homeschooling, helping to teach:

  • Empathy and connection with all living things
  • Mindfulness and appreciation with the world around us
  • That the forest is full of magical sounds-you just have to listen!


I Hear You, Forest

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