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Hunter Gather Cook Handbook: Adventures in Wild Food 

Hardcover – May 17 2022

by Nick Weston


Hunter Gather Cook Handbook combines accessible and inspirational instruction for foraging, game & fire cookery with over 40 recipes for the finest wild food.

This new gift edition aims to set the reader on a fulfilling, lifelong path of culinary adventures and food DIY, and inspire them to embrace the lifestyle that surrounds the 21st-century hunter-gatherer. With clear guides to foraging wild plants and fungi, and extensive information on deer, rabbit, pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon and duck, including hunting and butchery, it makes wild food accessible and aims to take away any sense of trepidation. For readers that already consider themselves well versed in the ways of the 21st-century hunter-gatherer, it hopes to extend their culinary repertoire, and take their experimentation and enjoyment to the next level. 

 - Includes methods of making and cooking with fire, including clay ovens and Swedish log candles.

 - Illustrated butchery guides, recipes for deer, rabbit, pigeon, partridge, pheasant and duck

 - Advice on foraging, wild plant and mushroom identification guides, recipes for sauces, sides and basics.

Hunter Gather Cook Handbook: Adventures in Wild Food

SKU: 9781784946333IPS