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Homestead Survival: An Insider's Guide to Your Great Escape 

Paperback – Sept. 13 2022

by Marty Raney 


A practical guide to self-sufficient and sustainable living from the star of Homestead Rescue.

Do you wish for a more resilient, sustainable, and empowered way of providing for your family in uncertain times? Are you worried about unreliable power grids, uncertain water supplies, or overly complex food chains? Veteran homesteader and star of Discovery's Homestead Rescue Marty Raney shares a big-picture vision of how ordinary families can become radically resilient homesteaders: powering, feeding, and caring for themselves through their own efforts, and on their own land.
This book will guide you to:
  •  buy land with the natural resources to build and feed a homestead
  •  go off grid with your own power and water systems
  •  design a greenhouse that will keep growing even when it’s snowing
  •  confidently defend your home against all threats—grizzlies, forest fires, flash floods, and financial challenges
Resources are only going to get more scarce. Raney will teach you to find food where others see dirt, and to build a home where others see empty land. He will inspire you to forge your own homestead dream and strengthen your family for all challenges to come.

Homestead Survival: An Insider's Guide to Your Great Escape

SKU: 9780593420683SS

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