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Holistic Cancer Medicine: Integrative Strategies for a New Approach to Health and Healing 

Paperback – Nov. 15 2022

by Henning Saupe MD


A groundbreaking, comprehensive guide on managing, treating, and preventing cancer.

*Introducing: The Holistic Model of the Twelve Vital Fields*

It’s a sad truth of our times that one in three people will experience cancer in their lifetime. By 2040, the probability will rise to one in two. As a comprehensive guide on natural treatment, Holistic Cancer Medicine is essential reading for every cancer patient—from newly diagnosed to late stage. For those seeking to prevent the disease, it also provides key information on how to reduce your risks.

As the founder and director of Germany’s leading complementary cancer clinic, Dr. Henning Saupe offers Holistic Cancer Medicine as the culmination of twenty-five years of experience treating the disease. Dr. Saupe’s unique vantage and insight complements standard treatment models with less burdensome, less invasive, and more natural methods. His program focuses on how those affected by cancer can carry out treatment to cure or control the disease while maintaining a high quality of life.

Other topics include:

    • The revolutionary Holistic Model of the Twelve Vital Fields
    • The dynamic interplay between nutrition, circulation, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, acid-base balance, and chronic infections, and more
    • Specific tumor-killing methods, such as insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), photodynamic therapy (PDT), local and whole-body hyperthermia, and pulsating electromagnetic frequency therapy (PEMF)
    • Inner-life training (ILT) and affirmations for both physical and emotional pain
    • Tools for those accompanying relatives, friends, or colleagues through the stages of cancer
    • And much more

    Holistic Cancer Medicine is a groundbreaking book for a critical time of life with an essential and compassionate message: that a diagnosis of cancer and living a vibrant life are not mutually exclusive.

    Holistic Cancer Medicine: Integrative Strategies for a New Approach to Health an

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