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Grow Pests & Diseases: Essential Know-how And Expert Advice For Gardening Success 

Paperback – March 15 2022

by DK 


Keep your garden or container plants in the best of health - and pesky pests away.

Before you’re alarmed by a dying plant, find out how you can treat it. This gardening help book is filled with advice on reviving plants — and how to prevent common plant ailments and diseases. 

Maintaining a thriving garden is simple when you have the right garden pest book! Inside you’ll find:

   • Jargon-free guidance on diagnosing and treating plant ailments
   • Common garden pests and diseases
   • How to spot an ailing plant
   • Climate control and encouraging beneficial wildlife
   • How to prevent and treat a wide range of plant pests, diseases, and disorders
   • A directory of pest, disease, and disorder symptoms grouped by main plant area affected — focusing on five main areas: leaves, flowers and buds, fruits and pods, roots, tubers, bulbs, and stems

Ideal for first-time gardeners, this garden guide is packed with all you need to know about recognizing symptoms of dying plants, how to keep pests away — and encouraging beneficial wildlife and insects. Far more than a simple list of treatments, this gardening reference book shows you how to keep plants in top condition and decide whether or not intervention is needed. The fully illustrated ailment directory is organized by symptom and plant type for quick and easy identification.

Grow Pest & Diseases brings joy to your gardening practice by understanding what plants need to thrive! Keep your plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables growing and happy by following the practical, jargon-free advice in this easy-to-use gardening book.

Expand your home garden through the DK Grow Series. Each book is packed with insights about growing various plants, vegetables and fruit — and how to keep them flourishing. Add titles like Grow Easy Veg, Grow Eco-Gardening and Grow Bulbs to your book collection.

Grow Pests & Diseases: Essential Know-how And Expert Advice For Gardening

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