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Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List 

Hardcover – Sept. 27 2022

by DK Eyewitness 


Bursting with beautiful photography, this alternative bucket list takes some of the world's best-known sights, experiences and destinations – everything from over-visited national parks to crowded museums – and reveals more than 100 fascinating alternatives. 

Planning a trip to Rome’s Colosseum? Why not try the ancient amphitheatre in Nîmes instead. A visit to the Grand Canyon is on everyone’s bucket list – but how about adding Namibia’s spectacular Fish River Canyon to yours? And while Japan’s cherry blossoms are hard to beat, the seasonal display of hydrangeas in the Azores is just as beautiful.

Featuring expert advice and practical tips, Go Here Instead will open your eyes to a wealth of new, and more sustainable, travel ideas. We’ve organized the book by types of trip, so whether you’re a wannabe art critic, an outdoor adventurer or you’re into your history, this epic bucket list has an alternative adventure for you. So, why not give Machu Picchu a break and travel beyond the crowds. Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List is your ticket to the trip of a lifetime. 

Inside Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List you will find:

- 100 entries each focusing on an alternative to a well-known destination/sight/experience 
- Stunning photography throughout with color-coded maps and chapters
- Stylized locator maps pinpointing the alternative sights, experiences and destinations.
- A beautifully designed gift book that showcases inspiring alternatives to the world’s most popular sights, experiences and destinations
- Covers: Architectural and Historical Sights, Festivals and Parties, Great Journeys, Architectural Marvels, Natural Wonders, Art and Culture and Cities 

Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List

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