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Fools and Wise Men: Folk Tales of Wisdom 

Hardcover – Dec 1 2022

by Mike O'Connor 


Traditional tales with strong messages retold with relevance for the 21st century

Before schooling was widely available in the classroom, there was the fireside, the field or the country lane. Many folk tales exist to convey ‘wisdom’: lessons from life, in an entertaining way. Aesop’s Fables are well-known and many wonderful Oriental tales are in this category. British wisdom tales are no less engaging yet almost unknown. These tales are not the pontifications of ancient philosophers; they are the learning of countless storytellers, educated in the school of hard knocks and graduates of the university of life. The tales reflect the times and places of their origin, but they have been handed down from generation to generation, evolving to meet changing times. Often the tales are amusing, some are thought-provoking. Now they have been polished and honed for so long that their message slips, almost imperceptibly, into the mind. We owe it to the bards of old to retell these stories for new generations.

Fools and Wise Men: Folk Tales of Wisdom

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