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Edible Insects - A Global History

by Gina Louise Hunter


Hardcover Aug 2021


An estimated two billion people worldwide regularly consume insects, yet bugs are rarely eaten in the West. Why are some disgusted at the thought of eating insects while others find them delicious? Edible Insects: A Global History provides a broad introduction to the role of insects as human food, from our prehistoric past to current food trends. On the menu are beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers and grubs of many kinds, with stories that highlight traditional methods of insect collection, preparation, consumption and preservation. We encounter in this book the culinary uses of creepy-crawlies across many cultures, and also learn of the potential of insects to alleviate global food shortage and natural resource overexploitation, as well as the role of world-class chefs in making insects palatable to consumers in the West.

Edible Insects A Global History

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