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Eat Yourself Smarter!: Nutrition Solutions for Creativity, Memory, Cognition & More 

Paperback – Dec 7 2021

by Michelle Stacey 


Eat Yourself Smarter offers techniques to sharpen your memory, improve your focus, boost your energy, make you feel happier, and help you loive longer.

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat,” and science now has the receipts on how profoundly foods affect the human brain. From an evolutionary standpoint, our brains were formed to thrive on certain nutrients—and our current diet is often deficient in many of them. East Yourself Smater offers readers a guide to eating in a way that boosts their cognitive function, improves their mood, and lowers their risk of developing dementia or other degenerative neurological conditions. We start with a detailed explanation of exactly how hungry the brain is (the answer: very), and how nutrients do their job to not only feed it well but repair brain-cell membranes, enable synapses to communicate, and prompt chemical “cascades” that keep memory centers functioning at top efficiency. Next, we present a comprehensive diet plan of the very best “brain foods,” from fruits and vegetables to nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and proteins, along with explanations of what makes them brain “superfoods”—along with an “out list” of foods that actively damage brain cells. BONUS:  Includes 20+ pages of delicious, brain-boosting recipes to get started on a new, smarter eating program.

Eat Yourself Smarter!: Nutrition Solutions for Creativity, Memory, Cognition

SKU: 9781951274931SS

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