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Dr. Earl Mindell's Herb Bible: Fight Depression and Anxiety, Improve Your Sex Life, Prevent Illness, and Heal Faster―the All-Natural Way 

Paperback – May 10 2022

by Earl Mindell RPh MH PhD


The bestselling guide to herbal remedies completely revised and expanded—from pharmacist, nutrition expert, and author of Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible and Earl Mindell’s Supplement Bible.

Since its original publication in 1992, Dr. Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible has become the definitive guide to herbal remedies. In this completely updated edition, one of the world’s foremost authorities on nutrition and natural remedies demystifies the language and lore of herbs and shows you how to choose and use herbs and herbal treatments—from the traditional favorites to those on the cutting edge—to help you heal faster, live longer, and look better.

Here is new and valuable information on how herbs can treat depression and anxiety, boost energy, improve your sex life, combat aging, prevent illness, and speed healing. Highlights include:

-Fifty new “Hot Hundred” herbs
-Updates to the list of herbs from around the world
-An updated and expanded chapter on anti-aging herbs
-A whole new chapter on hemp (cannabis), the 21st-century herb
-Information on new entities like kitchen herbs, spiciest herbs, and herb sources of primary antioxidant vitamins and minerals
-New information on which drugs and herbs do not mix well

And much more.

Dr. Earl Mindell's Herb Bible: Fight Depression and Anxiety

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