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Complete Flags of the World: The Ultimate Pocket Guide 

Paperback – Dec 14 2021

by DK (Author)


Explore the fascinating world of flags! 

Find intriguing stories and factoids on the design of country, province, state and special flags. Read how these flags are used as heraldic symbols, cultural and national emblems, and how designs and meanings have evolved.

This is the perfect guide to vexillology for anyone interested in the origin, history and symbolism of flags. Inside this flag book you’ll find:

   • Highly detailed full-color flag illustrations for each main entry. 
   • Comprehensive text explaining the significant elements of their design, colors, symbols and insignia.
   • Beautifully illustrated introductory spreads that trace the history of banners, standards and flags, and explain the terms used to describe them.
   • Sections on signal flags and flag protocol, as well as a concise glossary of terms.
   • A flag identification guide and alphabetical flag directory enable easy navigation.

A wonderful gift for flag enthusiasts! This guide to flags helps you identify flags and understand their symbolism. Learn about how flag designs have evolved over centuries and how to identify flags by their distinguishing features. This educational guide to flags details more than 400 examples and covers everything from geography, communications, politics, sport, history and art.

Find out what makes the U.S. stars and stripes so unique, and the ancient medieval cantons of Switzerland noteworthy. Detailed notes and annotation reveal the origins, design development and significance of colors, symbols, crests and coats of arms, and the reasons for recent changes to the flags.

Complete Flags of the World: The Ultimate Pocket Guide

SKU: 9780744045628PRH

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