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Lizhnyk - the Carpathian blanket and throw


A Lizhnyk is a natural and furry Hutsul blanket. It is a miracle of warmth and comfort and can be used as bedspread, wall hanging or as a carpet on the floor. Even more impressive is that these blankets are like having an animal in the home and has medicinal and healing properties helping with conditions of arthritis, rheumatism and others.  A photo does not do this blanket justice as once you hold it and feel it’s love you will not resist it.  The Hutsul lizhnyk is a wonderful addition to any home or as a gift to loved ones.  Lizhnyks are solid wool and heavy (up to 7 k) depending on the size and style which are traditionally the natural colours of black, white and grey. More colourful blankets are available with the wool being dyed with natural dyes from the mountains. These woollen Hutsul blankets are an art and an essential part of Ukrainian ( Carpathian) culture and belong to the oldest type of folk art and are often in museums. The tradition continues today with the handmade production of these beautiful blankets.  They are warm and are said to have healing properties (if only to keep you so warm). 

These blankets are handmade on the wooden weaver loom out of pure sheep wool.  After the blanket is made it is placed into the local river or cold water source This The water is drained naturally from the plaid and dried. When the plaid is dry, it can be combed with a brush to make it fluffy.



Large Lizhnyk - 100% woollen handmade Carpathian Blanket

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