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Birds of Canada 

Paperback – Sept. 6 2022

by DK 


The ultimate photographic guide to over 600 bird species in Canada.

Recently updated to reflect all the latest taxonomic data, Birds of Canada is the complete photographic guide to 613 species of birds found in Canada, including the most common species, and rare and vagrant birds.

The 436 most commonly seen birds are pictured with plumage variations, and information on similar birds is provided to make differentiation easy, from game birds and waterfowl to shorebirds and swifts to owls, wood warblers, finches, and so many more!

Soar into the pages of this brilliant bird-watching book to discover: 

- Bird profiles with a wealth of information on social behavior, nesting and feeding habits, and flight pattern
- Full-color photographs show the adult bird in typical plumage, with male/female, juvenile, and seasonal variations included as appropriate
- Up-to-date, color-coded maps highlighting resident and migratory distributions help spotters discover which species to expect when and where

Written by a team of more than 30 birders and ornithologists with expertise in particular species or families, and produced in association with David M. Bird, former Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology at McGill University, this updated edition of Birds of Canada is the ultimate photographic guide to Canadian birds.

Ideal for the armchair bird enthusiast or dedicated bird watcher, from children aged 12+ to adults alike, this book includes stunning full-color photographs revealing individual species with unrivaled clarity, proving an excellent gift book for anyone interested in birds and Canadian wildlife.

Birds of Canada

SKU: 9780744057874PRH

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