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Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids: 20 STEAM Projects to Design and Build 

Paperback – Aug. 3 2021

by Colby Tofel-Grehl PhD 


Electronics come alive with hands-on activities for kids ages 5 to 10

The world of electrical engineering is packed with awesome ways for kids to learn and play! Filled with glowing, buzzing, and spinning fun, this guide to electronics for kids helps them fall in love with science as they explore the mechanics behind everyday devices.

Whether it’s a light-up birthday card, an automated bubble blower, or an alarm clock, every project features easy-to-find components and simple directions that give kids the guidance they need to build. Expand their learning with explanations of how these electronics for kids connect to larger STEAM ideas!

This collection of buildable electronics for kids features:

  • 20 fun builds―Introduce the science behind electronics for kids through projects that they can do at home with affordable materials―and a little adult supervision.
  • Educational explanations―Go beyond other electronics books thanks to simple breakdowns of exactly what happened and why, ensuring kids get the most out of each activity.
  • Progressive difficulty―Discover electronics for kids that start simple and get more challenging as they go, helping young learners grow their skills without getting frustrated.

Inspire a lifelong love of science (plus technology, engineering, art, and math) with the super fun activities in Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids.

Awesome Electronics Projects for Kids: 20 STEAM Projects to Design and Build

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