Abandoned Malls of America

Crumbling Commerce Left Behind

By Seph Lawless - Hardcover


What happens when the symbol of commerce crumbles?
This collection of nearly two hundred stunning yet melancholic photos captures the decline of one of the biggest symbols of American consumerism—the shopping mall. Seph Lawless, whom Huffington Post refers to as the “master of the abandoned,” details the dilapidated state of these buildings that were once thriving with people and merchandise, now left to rot and be overrun with plant and animal life.

In Abandoned Malls of America, Lawless showcases haunting images of shopping malls from all across America, from his hometown of Cleveland, OH in the Midwest to Birmingham, AL in the South and all the way to Los Angeles, CA on the West Coast. Alongside these beautiful images are first-hand accounts from people who grew up going to these malls, reminiscing on the dually wistful and fond memories of their once-favorite local hangouts. These essays include anecdotes from actress Yvette Nicole Brown (Drake and Josh; Community; etc.), actor Justin Kucsulain (The Walking Dead), New Yorker investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, and more.

In this follow-up to his previous book, Abandoned, “artivist” Seph Lawless continues his journey photo-documenting the America left behind in the throes of economic instability and overall decline. Abandoned Malls of America is a perfect read for those interested in photography, architecture, or just longing for a little bit of nostalgia.

Abandoned Malls of America Crumbling Commerce Left Behind

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