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A Forager's Life: Reflections on Mother Nature and my 70+ years of Digging, Picking, Gathering, Fixing and Feasting on Wild Edible Foods 

Paperback  Feb. 16 2021

by Mike Krebill 


Take a walk in the woods with Mike Krebill. When Mike tells you a story about his experiences with a wild plant or mushroom, you’re getting far more than guidebook data – you’re getting a lifetime’s worth of keen observing, experimenting and, sometimes, close calls.

Mike is one of America’s most acclaimed foragers and wild food educators, a living encyclopedia of all things wild and edible. A Forager's Life is about a life spent in nature and in the classroom – from the thousands of wild edible forays with adults and young people, to the legendary Euell Gibbons and the first Earth Day, to the rise of today’s great foraging wave, a wave that is bringing city folks and country folks together in search of that most basic of life’s pleasures: wild foods.

It's about waking up to the natural world, with the nurturing help of great mentors along the way. At its heart, it's the story of a natural-born teacher who never stopped being a curious little boy, and who knows how to appeal to the curious kid in all of us. That’s what earned him multiple awards during his long career as a middle-school science teacher, environmental educator and naturalist.


Are there recipes? Yes, lots of them, all kid-tested and kid-approved. You might like to try the Queen Anne's Lace pancakes, for starters.

A Forager's Life: Reflections on Mother Nature and my 70+ years of Digging, Pick

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